Restless Demos

by Year on a Mountain

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Espirit d'escalier


released January 28, 2012



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Year on a Mountain New Paltz, New York

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Track Name: Wolf Moon (January) [Demo]
Oh no
You said youre lost
in love
and shared a good hope
but my god
i hope i'm wrong
go on to bite
your tongue
lay low
lie through your breath
and hope you can do it
but my god
to bide is to
i'll wait for your allure
till wolf moon

rest my head, won't think of waking up
it's all i get, this dream i want
i'll wait for you to call this bluff
till wolf moon--
or maybe next wolf moon
Track Name: Shoot My Foot Again (February) [Demo]
I --- my friends
I keep this gun in my drawer
To shoot my foot again
I wear this Two-Face Mask
But I’m a One Faced man
I --- my friends
Track Name: Picture on a Sign
Picture on a Sign
(To Scott)

I saw Your Picture on a Sign,
Just the other day,
When a car rolled by
I smelled the Fumes that they'd say 
Could kill a Boy of my age

I only knew You for an Hour,
But I think almost Every day
About Your Lovely fate that You played

It was a million degrees
So You stepped into the Shade
“I hope it’s Cooler where You are”, I said.

O, I saw Your picture on that Sign,
Just the other day,
When a Car rolled by
I smelled the Fumes and I said,
“I wish I knew that boy of my age, and
I wish You knew that boy of my age.”
Track Name: Exit 18
Exit 18, the Pretty rows of Apple trees, Passing Plattekill, it's a short way coming; Home again.
Track Name: Devil Town/April's Worn
I guess I'm living in Devil Town, and I'm a vampire myself